Since the day they broke off their engagement

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"Ruthless CEO Bullies Ancient Language Romance Supporting Actress Awakening + Still Not Treated as a Human After Awakening + Everyone Ends up in the Crematorium"

Amidst the clamor of the crowd, which sounded like a pot boiling over, various familiar voices gave Gu An a splitting headache. She lifted her hand, intending to cover her ears.

However, at the forefront of the crowd, there was always someone who remained silent.

The tall, immaculately dressed man looked down on everyone like a god, with icy eyes that could freeze one to the bone.

He didn't seem to notice Gu An's wrists, which were red and raw from being handcuffed, but instead raised his chin in her direction and spoke calmly and indifferently to the police behind him: "What are you waiting for? Take her away."


One night, after a week of sleepless nights following the loss of her beloved cat, Gu An suddenly realized that she might be the supporting actress in a ruthless CEO romance novel.

As the darling of Gu Yu, the wealthy hotel industry magnate in Jiangcheng, and with a marriage alliance with the He family, Miss Gu was the most dazzling figure in Jiangcheng's high society.

However, instead of enjoying her privileged life, she bullied and oppressed the female lead, Lu Wan, who lived in the lower city.

- She impersonated the female lead and became the fake White Moonlight who saves the male lead.
- She bullied the female lead, who was working temporarily at a banquet, and poured red wine over her head.
- She stole the female lead's position as the top scorer in the exam and the opportunity to give a speech to the new students just for fun.
- She made the female lead wear a swim ring and stay in the water for half an hour in winter.
- She snatched the female lead's part-time job for fun.
- She coveted the female lead's ambiguous relationship with a potential young male love interest.
- She threw a tantrum.
- She treated people like dirt.


Gu An had done or was planning to do everything on the list.

Her powerful uncle, her cold and distant fiancé, her brother who treated her like an enemy, her loyal bodyguard who pretended to be faithful, they would all become the foundation for the female lead's success.


Gu An looked up at the clock. It was now 8:30 in the evening.

In fifteen minutes, her fiancé He Ran, who had just found out that she was the fake White Moonlight who saved his life, would knock on her door and hand her a freshly written and still warm agreement to break off their engagement.

At this point, the most powerful support behind her, except for her parents, would have collapsed.

Gu An: "…"

Oh my god, somebody save me.


As an awakened supporting actress, Gu An accidentally obtained a system that allowed her to see her friendliness level with the male leads and other key characters.

- Useless trivia: HE. The original plot line for the male lead and the original female lead (the current supporting actress) did not involve any accidents (note the order).
- Everyone ends up in the crematorium, but the extent of their cremation varies.
- The ancient language romance genre is the original plot line, meaning that it is full of melodrama and absurdity. Therefore, the logic and settings are also absurd, and unreasonable and exaggerated plot twists should not be taken literally. Comments that are too extreme or intended to start a fight will be deleted.
- The author's hidden spirit has flown away, please don't take it too seriously.
- The author's side project (skiing, riding motorcycles, occasionally updating small extras to prove that they are still alive): Rabbit Ji must have long ears.